Buzzard Roost Trail

by | Nov 30, 2020 | outdoors | 1 comment

Last weekend we decided to check out a new trail. The weather was beautiful, and we were in need of some outdoor therapy. My campfire queen wanted to go camping, but I wussed out. The lows were going to be below freezing, and I haven’t been cold weather camping in a few years. So we decided to do a day hike instead and give Buzzard Roost trail a shot.

It’s a 3.9 mile out-and-back trail hidden away near Dover, Arkansas. The trail itself is just an old ATV trail, complete with mud pits and deep ruts. The real treasure is at the end of the trail.

Buzzard Roost turned out to be an awesome collection of huge boulders, crevices, and caves. It was so much fun to explore. By the time we finished exploring the rock formations, we had hiked an additional 1.5 miles. So our 3.9 mile hike turned into 5.4 miles.

We were originally going to hit the Balanced Rock Falls trail on the way home, but we were pretty wiped out. So we decided to save it for our next adventure.

Instead, we decided to circle back and indulge in a nice, juicy burger from Ozone Burger BarnNOTE: For the uninitiated, this place is a staple for all who pass through on their outdoor excursions.

Until next time…

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  1. Kirk Hobbs

    I keep forgetting to explore this trail. Looks like a lot of photo opportunities & exploring fun.


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