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of Life, the Universe, and Everything

So I turned 42 a few weeks ago with as much pomp and circumstance as a Taco Bell fart. And not a big fart either. One of those that slowly builds up and then PFFFF. I did get a nice Grip6 belt, though, from my beautiful wife to accommodate my ever-expanding wasteline.

Getting older has revealed that most of my presumptions about adults were incredibly wrong. Per my conversation with Sandwich Control, as a kid we idolize and view adults as some kind of elevated human being. But as we become adults, we realize it’s just a sham. We’re all just 10 year olds with years of experience. We still make fart jokes. We still buy toys. The difference between a mature and immature adult is that a mature adult will handle their responsibilities BEFORE buying a new Funko bobblehead.

On Friday, I got to meetup with Sandwich Control for coffee (something we haven’t gotten to do in months). We ordered our cold coffees and proceeded to sit outside… in the cold. Not our best decision, but hey… 10 year olds, remember.

He gifted me with Dungeons and Dark Roast flavored coffee from Adventurer’s Coffee Co., which, it turns out, is an actual coffee shop in Calera, AL. We may just have to make a special trip… across Middle Earth and such.

He then proceeded to drop some fringe wisdom about the relativity of aging and the perception of time passing more quickly. 

Mind blown.

This past weekend, the family and I decided to risk the infected urban wilds and have some family time. We all got to sit together in an actual restaurant, after which we ventured to Books-a-Million… where I catered to my inner nerd-child with a sweet new copy of Dune and a Boston album on vinyl — that one’s just as much for the wifey as it is for me.

Lastly, my new favorite shirt is one that I happened to design… as it should be. My latest Hawk & Bear shirt (Nvdo Yona = Sun Bear) is up on Design by Hümans for sale. A little tribute to my Cherokee roots.

It’s so soft. Like my belly.

I should probably get back to work.


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